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Huh, wow, animation is honestly pretty decent. You say this is your first cartoon, but it certainly doesn't look like it (leagues better than the first crap I made when I first got Flash CS3).

Pretty cool, mate. Animation isn't too shabby, and the use of sound and music, while it could be better, works pretty well.


Not sure how I stumbled across this. But... For your first flash animation, not too shabby (it's honestly a lot better than the first one I made, which isn't even worth putting on this site).
It's definitely rough around the edges, but the characterization, the timing, and overall feel is not too bad. Can actually get a sense of the characters from it (which is more than I could say from some of my first works). Definitely keep at it, though, as you got a nice start.


VrickG-Animated responds:

Hahahah!!! yeh back then I am so proud of this and I really want to show to ppl wat I did but now i just want to throw it away hahah but meh, its almost 1 year ago so just leave it there. And also I'm better now, i guess.. I have an upcoming short this May so wait for it ;) and thanks btw, you're nice!

Flipping nailed the old vhs look, as well as the whole creepy vibe from the "lost episodes" thing
Doesn't help that I'm watching this in a dark room only a few minutes past midnight... *shudders*

Pretty flipping funny! I'm almost always a fan of something quirky like this

Hell of a lot better than the first animation I did (which was done back in 2008, with Windows Movie Maker and MS Paint, with no art skill whatsoever). I look forward to seeing what else you can come up with.
Also, audio does need some work, but I've heard much worse (and have probably made worse, now that I think about it)

RannitX responds:

Thank you for leaving your review. The audio should be better in the next video (when ever that happens... lol). Thanks for the compliment and the review. Best of luck.

After watching this, all I want is more of this series!

Just as classic and quirky as the last one. I can't wait to see more of these.

yet another grand piece of work

This was extremely enjoyable, to say the least. To think that something as good as this was made in 7 days is amazing. And again, someone has taken the concept of a dystopian society, and made a fascinating piece of art.

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