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BecomeTheFridge's News

Posted by BecomeTheFridge - June 5th, 2022

It's weird looking thru my past uploads of music, and the general lack of consistency.

Probably to be expected, as I keep learning new things about making/playing music, and I keep finding new ways to mix and master my tracks after not being happy with previous efforts.

There are also my struggles with labeling my tracks with appropriate genre tags--doesn't help that I approach each track by throwing in the kitchen sink and the plaster off my walls, so to speak, with some roughly rock/metal-inspired guitars, bass, and drums--and saxophone, sometimes.



Posted by BecomeTheFridge - May 27th, 2021

Used to go by "HorseLeafsCabbage," but wanted to go with a more consistent branding for future projects.

Not sure who I'm mentioning this to... but I feel like I should keep a record of that change for posterity's sake.

I think?

I also changed my profile pic.

It's a picture I took of a box in a trash compactor, back when I used to work retail and night shifts.

I'm sleepy...

Posted by BecomeTheFridge - December 31st, 2020

No need for necromancy spells, or resurrection spells.

2020 will be dead and buried, and I am glad.

Hopefully 2021 will be a rejuvenated year, of actual progress, and not bitter stagnation.

This is hard to write when I'm... toasted with two heavy beers, one light beer, and 3 shots of whiskey.

Posted by BecomeTheFridge - August 27th, 2020

So... it's been a couple years since I made my last news post. Not sure who I'm telling this to, but if ya care to read, cool. If ya don't, also cool.

My initial hard-line plan of posting stuff to this site kinda went out the fuckin' window as my personal and artistic development has gone into a weird, but necessary overdrive.

I know I'll post my stuff here eventually, but for now, I'll just keep this log of personal thoughts that I sporadically post, with unreliable consistency, and undeniable redundancy.

I love how this site is a nice little corner of the internet to go back to, when YouTube becomes exhausting, I'm too lazy to watch anime, and reddit becomes... too reddity.

I'd include Twitter on that list, but I haven't used that shit in over 18 months.

This is has been a relative zone of comfort for me, at least on the web. I kinda grew up on this site, 12 years ago, playing Flash games, enjoying stuff like Castle, Xin, Blockhead, and Madness.

I've seen peeps come and go, some moving on to other pastures... and some moving on from this mortal coil... (I can think of a few that still hurt to think about).

I've seen the internet in general change, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse.

And yet Newgrounds remains... I like that.


Posted by BecomeTheFridge - July 12th, 2018


So... this whole, me-having-fans thing... Don't fully understand it, but it's kinda neat.

Right now, this profile o' mine serves as a bit of a hub of inspiration, where I pop in every day or so, just to see what the artistic peeps are doin' and makin'.

Behind the scenes, however... there is a massive chugging engine slowly refining and building upon ideas I've had for over a decade now (Holy fuck... that's kinda scary to think about).

Who knows... maybe I'll be able to make something constructive out of those ideas before the next Tool album is released.

Best Regards,

~ Alexander the Great II

Fucking w00t!

Posted by BecomeTheFridge - May 6th, 2017

I've been an audience member of this site since probably around 2007, 2008 (and have been an actual​ member since 2010). It's been interesting, seeing various artists come and go, some who've inspired me, and some that have left me scratching my head thinking... "what the fuck...?"

​And of course my own tastes have evolved along with this site (I was a stupendously naive middle school kid back when I first discovered this site, that didn't know shit about anything, really. And now I, as of yesterday, graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Studies, with a focus on Film, Animation, and 3D modeling).

​Point being, I think I'm ready to actually start creating and adding my own stuff to this site, and to stop my ridiculous social awkwardness from getting in the way (not to say that'll be easy. That side of my brain is surprisingly convincing. I think it might have secretly taken debate lessons or something, which is kinda ironic, when I think about it).

​No promise on a schedule or anything, as I've still gotta get my head in the game, and figure out the How's and What's of what I'll be making.

Best Regards,
~ Alex (w00t)