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Wow... I'm immensely excited for this.

It's funny thinking back on it, but I remember you and Oscar Johansson (creator of the Castle series) were big animation inspirations for me, back when I watched almost nothing but Flash movies during 2008-2010(ish).

Huh, wow, animation is honestly pretty decent. You say this is your first cartoon, but it certainly doesn't look like it (leagues better than the first crap I made when I first got Flash CS3).

Pretty cool, mate. Animation isn't too shabby, and the use of sound and music, while it could be better, works pretty well.


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Series was short but sweet. Look forward to playing the new stuff that's come out since this one.

Well that was flipping fantastic. Alas, I haven't known about newgrounds since it's inceptions (kinda impossible, being as I was only born a year before its birth), but in the past 7 years that I've become familiar, it's been pretty interesting seeing its development, the people coming and going, the ups and downs, etc. *raises his glass* Here's to another 20!

Hmm... I like it! Art style is a little rough, but I definitely liked the dialogue, especially when it got a little self-referencial. w00t

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Nice mate! Like the aggressive, dirty tone you got here

Septyrikon responds:

Thanks for the compliments! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Honestly, that design is sick.
So are the rest of the designs on genkighost.
I'll definitely wanna keep an eye out for those future designs.

Whenever it comes to your art style, I can almost always imagine this worn-out tape-style drone or static in the background. Always love your work.

Tho I wonder-- was it the Zucc that put himself up there? I could imagine he did that unintentionally as if he was in a delusional trance.

I absolutely love how smooth this is. At first glance, I would've originally thought this was animated on 1's, rather than on 2's.
Can't help but wonder how long it took to make this, especially with the added shading and wonderful effects.

lizbeth490021 responds:

Thank you so much for your response.

Lol, I actually never got properly educated on what animating on 1s or 2s even means. I just keep my frame rate the same, at 12fps and space out the keys where they make sense and re-arrange frames until the pacing feels right to me.

I took 4ish months to do this piece. I didn't think it'd take me that long, but I was really not being realistic, and I wasn't making calculations with real numbers -- just deceiving myself the whole time. It's more than 100 unique re-drawn frames, and a lot of passes for layers of detail like shading and highlights. I doubt I'll be taking on another project like this anytime soon -- it's quite time-expensive to do lol. But I was insistent on pushing through to completing it anyway.

Thank you again, I appreciate your kind thoughts.

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